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Adexa Resources

Adexa Resources

Adexa has developed the most complete and unique footprint of integrated planning software in a unified data model. Over the past two decades, Adexa has demonstrated its leadership by innovations such as Attribute-based Planning, Dynamic Constraints, Supply Chain Risk Resiliency. More recently, Adexa has the lead the way to creating Self-Improving supply chains© using the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology. Our customers are truly our partners in guiding us where the need is and how we can go to places where only our imaginations can take us over and over again.

Adexa Resources is a one stop resource center to view and download a broad collection of product information, industry white papers, journal articles, case studies and much more. Bookmark this page and check back frequently for the latest updates to stay informed on the latest in supply chain planning practices, technology, and news.

Upcoming Training Session

Adexa training sessions are scheduled periodically based on demand at locations in North America, Asia and Europe. Interested participants may apply by clicking on the RSVP link next to the course. After we receive your request, we shall provide additional information as to the cost and availability of courses. Courses may also be offered on client’s premises as requested and tailored to their specific needs. Please specify the type of course desired and the number of participants. On-line courses are also available for most Adexa solutions for both clients as well as partners of Adexa. There are special discounts available for 5 or more participants from the same company.

On-Line Training

The videos listed below offer training sessions for select Adexa applications. Permission to access Adexa training videos can  be obtained by sending an email request to with your name, company name, business telephone number and if you are a current Adexa client. Alternatively, you may contact your Adexa Account Manager.