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AI Powered Solutions for All your E2E Supply Chain Planning Needs

Adexa Enterprise Global Planning System: The eGPS For Your Enterprise

In the 21st Century, supply chain planning challenges are growing exponentially more complex. New products. New markets. New competitors. You need timely and accurate information, operational visibility across suppliers, predictable flows of material and working capital — and streamlined efficiency at every stage of procurement and production.

Enterprise Global Planning System

The Adexa “Enterprise Global Planning System” (eGPS) is a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions for supply chain planning intended to minimize cost of operations and maximize delivery performance and service levels. eGPS delivers a robust and intelligent enterprise business planning solution that encompasses both S&OP and S&OE in a unified environment. Adexa provides a local and global view of supply and demand requirements and constraints and the insight needed to optimize them. The result? Greater velocity of doing business and profitability across multi-tiered supply chains.

Achieve The Highest Stage Of Supply Chain Maturity

For the past 25 years our solutions have enabled companies across the world to maximize asset utilization, decrease operational costs drastically and improve service levels by double digits. Adexa is in a unique position to provide both S&OP and S&OE solutions in a unified data model within an Attribute-Based Planning architecture.

Our acclaimed Enterprise Global Planning System™ (eGPS™) suite of solutions for multi-national enterprises and fabless companies provides the most comprehensive supply chain planning functions.