Self-improving, correcting & optimizing

SCP 5G© refers to the 5th generation supply chain planning systems that can self-improve by automatically learning from their environment and adapt themselves to the dynamic changes that are ongoing. SCP 5G© is a quantum change from what previous generations had to offer.

The ability to learn, using AI, enables the system to self-correct its model and self-improve the policies. Hence resulting in decisions which are closer to or better than an expert. Furthermore, by extracting underlying trends that may not be obvious to humans, due to size and complexity of data, new patterns are discovered. Although systems may not exhibit as much “intelligence” as their human counterparts, however they have the capability to analyze data and information holistically and much faster resulting in optimal decisions taking into account all related constraints. To this end, systems are capable of augmenting decision-making process as well as automating to creation of autonomous supply chains that can sense, act and learn continuously.


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