Predict, Not Just Respond


Serving Every Major Industry With Focus on What Makes It Unique

We understand that every industry has its own business objectives, challenges and processes, and that means you require uniquely tailored industry solutions to address them. Since 1994, Adexa has worked with industry-leading companies to create solutions that meet their specialized needs. More importantly, given the diversity of our customers, our consultants have the knowledge to bring potential best practices from other industries to create innovative solutions. Our mission is to make our clients the benchmark of their industry.

Adexa helps you succeed with industry-specific solutions that synchronize corporate planning, financial planning and supply chain planning, to ensure profitable decisions are made, every time. This results in an immediate increase in return on assets across the enterprise, and the tactical benefits of driving time and costs from your business processes.

Adexa eGPS solutions have rightfully earned their place as the leading supply chain planning choice in numerous vertical markets and industries. Select from the drop down list of industries to find out more how Adexa delivers focused and specific value in each segment.