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Adexa is the only planning company to offer both S&OP and S&OE in a unified data modelJust add data in one system to go from network & sourcing optimization, inventory optimization, demand planning, and supply chain planning all the way down to factory planning & scheduling.

Perform Autonomous Planning
with Adexa

Every planning system can produce a “plan”. But they are not equally as Fast, Accurate, Reliable, or Executable in the real world.

AI and Machine Learning
to Self-Improve

A system with enough intelligence to learn with the environment and self-improve, avoiding potential supply chain risks.

Risk Resilient Plans

Risk Resilient Plans

Even though AI technology has been with us for decades, only now can we apply them to business functions, thanks to faster processors and availability of memory for big data. Using ML, a system can be trained to predict potential issues and make recommendations to prevent unwanted outcome or to enhance the desired results.

Risk Resilient Plans
Continuous Planning in Real-Time

Continuous Planning in Real-Time

Intelligence implies a lot of things and it happens to be a moving target. As soon as we figure out how it is done or what it is then it no longer requires intelligence. So, what does “intelligent” mean? It is the ability to learn facts and skills and apply them, especially when this ability is highly developed. We try to examine this question further and explain what we mean by saying that Adexa’s supply chain planning solutions are intelligent.

Your Journey to Stage 5 with ONE system

Your Journey to Stage 5 with
ONE system - Just Add Data

All of Adexa planning solutions from network planning to supply chain planning, plant planning and sequencing are based on a unified data model. This is a unique feature of Adexa applications that is the foundation of Adexa IBP solution. But why is a unified data model important?

Your Journey to Stage 5 with ONE system

Our Client’s Experiences

Adexa in the News

The Covid-19 vaccine rollout shows wealth means health in America

America Needs Smart Supply Chains Not Isolationism

Why the government’s COVID vaccine supply chain needs to learn from Deliveroo and Amazon

Latest Blog & News

Life after S&OP

Life after S&OP

Many supply chain leaders think of S&OE as yet another system to be acquired or patched on to S&OP. Although this maybe a viable strategy but not a particularly efficient one.

Time to Remove Silos from the Vertical Supply Chain

Most supply chain practitioners believe that there is a need for a rough long term planning engine (S&OP) and yet another for plan execution (S&OE).

Unless Supply Chain Plans are Accurate, then Why Bother?

I find it interesting that most companies choose their supply chain planning vendor based on how nice it looks but pay very little attention as to how good the quality of plans are. Not all planning systems are created equal.

Design Your Supply Chain for Resiliency

Resiliency of supply chain is the ability to withstand changes in demand and supply and the ability to respond effectively.



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