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Our fundamental philosophy is to ensure that our clients get more than their expectations and not only implement successfully but also remain best in their class. For over 22 years we have delivered the most innovative solutions such as Attribute-based planning® and intelligent self-repairing technology unique only to Adexa. Our partnering philosophy is a key reason why we are able to deliver state-of-the-art supply chain and collaborative e-business planning solutions to innovative companies in every industry we serve. We work with our customers closely to understand their business pains and craft solutions tailored to fit their needs.

Fortune 500 and mid-market companies alike rely on us for fast and professional deployment of our solutions; tightly integrated with their IT investments and legacy systems. They appreciate the open architecture of Adexa’s applications, built-in industry specific modeling capabilities, and ease of configuration.

These are just some of the reasons Adexa enjoys unprecedented amount of repeat business with existing customers. We welcome you to talk to any of our clients. They tell our story the best!

Digital Supply Chain Planning

Innovations from Adexa


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We at Adexa performed an independent survey of our customers sampling from a number of different industries. The results shown below are the range of benefits obtained for each KPI. These measures were actual quotes from customers and tend to be on the conservative side.

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Life after S&OP
Life after S&OP

Many supply chain leaders think of S&OE as yet another system to be acquired or patched on to S&OP. Although this maybe a viable strategy but not a particularly efficient one.


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