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Regardless of where you fit into the automotive manufacturing supply chain, the challenges are consistently difficult — and growing. How can you deliver more value to customers while increasing asset utilization? How can you improve the quality of demand forecasts and optimize manufacturing plans — up and down the supply chain? Let Adexa show you how, with real-time access to the full range of demand signals, supply sources, dependencies and decision constraints. Adexa puts you in a position to rationalize capacity from a global perspective, implement accountable supply chain management principals and develop plans to get more from the automotive supply chain with less.

Benefits & Features

Optimize Resource Investments — Compare your financial KPIs and tie them into operational KPIs to ensure a response to opportunities and threats in a timely manner.
Streamline Manufacturing — Plan, schedule, and sequence production of complex components across multiple supply tiers.
Improve Forecasting — Consolidate forecasts from multiple OEMs and third-party forecasting services, factor in actual history, and temper the result with intuition.
Consolidate Planning — Integrate sales, inventory, and operations to establish a common language to communicate plans and update requirements across multiple enterprise and shop floor systems.
Accelerate Response Times — Monitor and update just-in-time planning with a real-time view of OEM schedules, plant operations, and supplier performance.
Reduce Inventories — Deploy lean manufacturing and kanban strategies based on precise, responsive forecasting.
Optimize Product Designs — Manage and schedule product lifecycles, accelerate new products, and optimize all lifecycle phases. Optimally deploy engineering, CAD, and prototyping resources to complete critical projects.
Enable Collaboration — Deliver better information faster so trading partners can plan for demand fluctuations and operate proactively to help corporations achieve objectives.
Measure, Monitor, Notify, and Adjust — Use hundreds of pre-built, audit-ready approved KPIs across all departments and roles to stay continuously informed about all aspects of production.

Benefits from Adexa


Case New Holland Case Study

Auto Solutions

Adexa Solutions for Vehicle Manufacturing

Vehicle manufacturers are faced with unprecedented challenges to gain market share and deliver to customer demand. There is no room for mistakes. Find out how Adexa can help to streamline the heart of the industry, namely the supply chain and final assembly.

Solutions for Automotive

Automotive industry is changing rapidly becoming more like high tech industry with short product life cycles, new product introductions, optional features and high reliance on suppliers and changing demand depending on fuel prices. Learn how fast you can go using Adexa eGPS suite of supply chain planning products.

Solutions for Vehicle Manufacturing Suppliers

Vehicle manufacturing suppliers are under tremendous pressure to deliver on time and reduce cost. Having the ability to forecast demand and respond fast are key factors to their survival and increased profitability. At Adexa, we are well aware of the fact that just holding inventory, not only is impractical, but also cost-prohibitive given the multiplicity of options and fluctuations in demand. Adexa can help to speed up your response time and reduce operation cost drastically.

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