Single solution, unified data model, in-memory

All of Adexa planning solutions from network planning to supply chain planning, plant planning and sequencing are based on a unified data model. This is unique and foundational to Adexa IBP solution.

Using disjointed S&OP and S&OE solutions result in disjointed processes and require painstaking human intervention just to make the plan executable. The separation of the two can cause, unreliable promised dates and imprecise financial projections as well as extra integration effort between the two and with other IT applications.A unified data model creates a continuum for planning and execution merging them under one roof. That is, it enables smooth transition of demands into supply constraints in a true digital twin. A unified data model implies a single solution that can expand and contract vertically and extend horizontally.

The bottom line is that a unified data model saves cost, time, effort and leads to a much lower cost of ownership and reliably accurate plans for execution.

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Why a unified data model is better

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