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Attribute Based Planning

Attribute Based Planning

Accurate modeling is critical to credible and realistic planning results. In general, capacity and material requirements are modeled as constraints. However there are many more and other very sophisticated constraints that also need to be met in order to generate realistic plans. Some examples are Supplier Qualification, Use of certain materials, Texture of the material, surface tension of the item, speed of the device, temperature tolerance, range of shades and many more. (see Intelligent Customers Demand Intelligent Solutions whitepaper)

Depending on these constraints, allocation of raw material, WIP and finished goods to customers might have to change dynamically. Businesses change and supply chains change and therefore constraints change. This implies the system needs to mold itself to the new environment. Adexa is uniquely positioned to effect such changes by use of Attribute-Based Planning (see Attribute-Based Planning whitepaper). Attributes are used as constraints and they define the search space automatically. In contrast, Adexa’s competitors’ will have to re-code and in most cases hard-code to define such constraints. Use of Attribute-based planning allows the users to define any constraint dynamically and change as needed. In some cases, the system itself would make the recommendations to change as needed (see Self-improving and Self Repairing whitepaper).

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