Introduction to Genie©

Adexa deploys intelligent distributed agents, Adexa Genies©, that can sense events, act and learn from their experiences. They adapt to their environment by

  • self-correcting the representation of the physical supply chain to form a true digital twin,
  • self-improving policies and business rules,
  • self-optimizing the performance of the prescriptive algorithms.

Adexa Genies© are constantly looking for causes of issues such as lateness and cost increases as the seasons change, product mix changes and market demand fluctuates. They recommend decisions such as optimal safety stocks, optimal utilization of equipment, excessive use of substitute parts, excessive rush orders and inefficiencies in the operations such as unnecessary use of air freight.An example of a self-correcting action is auto adjustment of equipment capacities or supplier leadtimes that may vary over time or season. A self-improving Genie monitors safety stock levels at different locations and learns best policies for highest service levels. A self-optimizing algorithm remembers how to avoid dead-ends in a tree search. Hence much faster system response.


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