Adexa value assessment

At Adexa, we realize that there are many programs competing for your capital budget, therefore Adexa solution specialists take the time to thoroughly research and analyze your business to make sure that Adexa will deliver maximum hard dollar impact. We quantify and justify the ROI before our solutions are delivered.

Financial drivers that influence EPS and Gross Margins are focal points of our value analysis. Our team will look at your financials and compare them to our own customers’ improvements in your industry to see the potential impact Adexa may deliver. We will also benchmark your results against the best-in-class within your industry.

The main purpose of the Value Assessment is to prove the value range of benefits for your organization: conservative, moderate or aggressive. We look at operational drivers from key areas such as manufacturing, sales, operations, suppliers and even key customers.

You will walk away with a roadmap that outlines how to get there.

The Adexa value assessment process delivers value assessment engagement agenda

How to get started

We can provide a free benchmark analysis for your company vs. the best-in-class in your industry within 48 hours. To learn how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, increase efficiencies, achieve higher profitability and improve your customer service levels.

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