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Factory Planning & Scheduling

Factory Planning & Scheduling

Adexa Factory Planning and Scheduling solution offers the industry’s best solution for constraint-based planning. It optimizes your production planning and continuously makes adjustments to the plan execution to ensure on-time delivery at lowest cost of production. Driven by accurate and reliable plant scheduling, you can improve your on-time delivery performance and customer satisfaction by minimizing cycle times. In addition, lower inventories are achieved by optimizing work-in-process (WIP), and improved resource utilization through smart job sequencing, regardless of BOM complexity.

Benefits & Features

  • Synchronize WIP with demand to lower inventories
  • Reduce overtime
  • Optimize allocation planning to re-route products for cost or availability
  • Optimize manufacturing utilization at the line/work center
  • Minimize the impact of repair or maintenance work on production lines
  • Automate detailed shop floor sequencing and dynamically resequence based on new information
  • Support proper manufacturing sequences for each product
  • Identify and eliminate idle labor and bottlenecks
  • Minimize downtime from unplanned machine stoppages, overtime, and maintenance
  • Integration packages are available through message bus or database connectivity with a large number of popular MES as well as ERP systems.

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Learn how a global manufacturer of fabrics and apparel is using Adexa’s Predictive Analytics to gain insight into their future potential and risk.

As one of the largest suppliers of Boeing in Taiwan, AIDC has a complex operation in building parts and composites. Adexa has been their choice for planning their production for almost a decade keeping production and delivery on-time.

By performing better on-time delivery, using Adexa planning applications, Hynix improved its market share by a notable amount.

Maytag, one of the biggest brand names in the industry selected Adexa so that it could deliver the right product at the right time and in the right place using Adexa’s S&OP suite. Results: Tens of millions of dollars in inventory savings as well as huge improvement in planning cycle time.

Schlumberger is the world’s largest oilfield services company. Working globally—often in remote and challenging locations—Schlumberger invents, designs, engineers, and applies technology to help its customers find and produce oil and gas safely and efficiently. Learn how Adexa has been deployed in all of their operations worldwide to plan their productions.

TSMC is the number 1 foundry in the world serving thousands of customers worldwide. It is by far one of the most complex manufacturing environment and make-to-order with short product life cycles and changing technologies. Adexa is proud to have served TSMC for over 15 years in order to enable the company to deliver on time and at the lowest cost of operations.

A division of Lucent for making circuit boards for the industry, Adexa was selected to schedule production on a daily basis ensuring on-time delivery as well as highest usage of equipment. After implementation, the delivery performance was improved by 35%.