Scalable and fast optimization technology

One of the major strengths of Adexa solution is its ability to model very large and complex supply chains and generate accurate and executable plans in almost real-time. As experienced by one of our clients, Adexa generated a more comprehensive and accurate plan in a fraction of the time performed by a leading competitor (2.5 hours Vs. 23 Hours).

There are a number of reasons for this speed. Initially the system was designed for very large and complex supply chains. To this end, we emphasized on most efficient ways to represent data, e.g. dynamic BOMs and hierarchical routings with attributes. As such, if a certain route is not feasible, the system backtracks to a small segment of the route, or an alternate operation, rather than start all over again with another route. We deploy the same kinds of strategy in searching for parts, using ML, to avoid dead-ends in a tree search algorithm.


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