Predict, Not Just Respond



When orders come in, you should be able to reliably promise availability and meet aggressive commitments all in real-time. In conjunction with your Order Entry system, Adexa’s IBP, Precision ATP solution, provides real-time Capable to Promise (CTP) and Available to Promise (ATP) information while you place the order; even if only part of the order will be ready using current materials and capacity information. Most importantly, the commitments made by the system are based on your current business conditions and availability of resources and materials, now and in future.

Benefits & Features

Only Adexa dynamically analyzes inventories, capacity, and material supply constraints to provide availability information.

  • Substitute components or products to increase fill rates.
  • Dynamic re-allocation to improve fill rates.
  • Substitute components or products to meet customer orders.
  • Reduce turnaround time for customer inquiries and increase ATP accuracy.
  • Manage availability, stock-outs, partial shipments, and returns.
  • Stop using fixed quoted lead-times on sales orders.
  • Eliminate errors and inaccurate deliveries for configured products.
  • Significantly reduce time needed to prepare and process sales quotations.
  • Reduce partial-order shipments.
  • Reduce customer change orders.

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