Intelligent Order Fulfilment and Smart Allocation with Available-to-Promise & Capable-to-Promise

When orders come in, you should be able to reliably provide Available-to-Promise and Capable-to-Promise information and meet aggressive commitments all in real-time.  In conjunction with your Order Entry system, based on your current business conditions and availability of resources and materials. Adexa, Precision ATP, as part of its SIOP suite, provides real-time Available to Promise (ATP) and Capable to Promise (CTP) information to your clients in sub-seconds.

Given shortages and limited supplies of material and capacity optimal decisions need to be made as to how to allocate the limited resources. Adexa uses incremental and continuous planning capability in conjunction with AI search techniques in order to find the right balance of allocation to optimize OTIF and expected revenue.

Benefits & Features

  • Improve order commitment reliability
  • Dynamic re-allocation to improve fill rates
  • Respond to customers in sub-seconds with high accuracy on delivery dates.
  • Optimize availability, stock-outs, partial shipments, and returns
  • Avoid use of fixed and unrealistic lead-times on sales orders
  • Eliminate errors and inaccurate deliveries for configured products
  • Significantly reduce time needed to prepare and process sales quotations
  • Reduce partial-order shipments
  • Process change orders easily and automated

Increase your Available-to-Promise accuracy & gain a better understanding of your demand.

With Adexa, you can get a real-time look at where your inventory is and where it should be-all with more accurate Available-to-Promise and Capable-to-Promise data.  Get in touch or request a demo today to experience the Adexa difference!

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