Improve supply chain resiliency

As seen recently, supply chains are vulnerable to many different factors most of which are outside of company’s control. Some examples are Acts of God, tariffs & sanctions, supplier and customer uncertainties, safety and ethical issues such as child labor and climate related disasters.

Companies cannot prevent such events. However they do have control over how to address the problems and mitigate the impact. Adexa’s predictive analytics enable our clients to know the expected issues before they occur. This is done using ML to detect underlying patterns in the supply chain due to seasonality, supplier and customer behaviors, likelihood of changes in delivery or resource availability etc.

Adexa Genies are intended to sense, act and learn from both internal and external events so that they can predict and respond to such uncertainties.

Each time a plan is generated, the system flags all the potential risks and shows how to resolve them and what patterns are developing in the supply chain.


How to avoid future supply chain risks

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