Predict, Not Just Respond

Did You Say Security or Reliability?

With Adexa, our clients benefit from the latest technology available in security, using SAML authentication with third party Identity Management systems; and reliability, whether it is on the client’s own cloud, on premise or Adexa cloud. Adexa architecture allows real-time parallel back-up of the live in-memory model and ensures uptime of 99.99% guaranteed. This is critical when you have to run ATP/CTP in real-time with thousands of orders daily for Available-To-Promise and Capable-To-Promise, or your mission critical production plans. With most S&OP solutions, since you are running long-term plans, reliability and mission critical importance of the plans generated may not matter as much since the planners are doing the harder work of creating the S&OE order level plans outside of the system.

However, with Adexa, you are actually getting the executable S&OE plan for today, tomorrow, and following weeks and months in addition to long term plans. Therefore, reliability becomes a critical issue. When a high-profile customer demands an answer in terms of delivery, they deserve a reliable response. At Adexa, we ensure system uptime combined with security of your data. That is Adexa promise!

Security or Reliability

In addition, planning systems must rely on data from many different sources including the transaction systems such as ERP, MES, CRM and PLM. In addition, there are exogenous data such as climate patterns, geopolitical events and the like that can cause havoc in your supply chain. Adexa is equipped to handle such input in real-time in order to produce plans that would be critically needed or predict the extent of disruption so that preventive and prescriptive measures can be taken. Variability is not only in demand but also in supply planning. Examples are supplier delivery reliability (say) in winter or price variability of certain commodity item such as oil or certain type of metal. Your planning system must take into account potential risk of such variability in order to generate a plan that is reliable so that your financial projections are reliable and more importantly your customers look at you as a reliable partner!



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