Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), aka SIOP, solution offers a comprehensive environment for end to end visibility, predictability and responsiveness while lowering the cost of operations. It enables you to predict and optimize inventory buffers across the multiple levels of your supply chain, resulting in reduced delivery lead times, increased order fill rates, and avoiding capacity and materials shortages.

Adexa S&OP and S&OE work together as a continuum of planning. The platform is capable of performing both functions depending how detailed and how frequent data is made available. This unique architecture avoids having two disjointed systems of S&OP and S&OE implemented separately. This architecture produces plans that are executable without user intervention. Furthermore minimizes data maintenance, merges plans and execution and avoids additional integration efforts.

The system automatically sets inventory levels based on your service-level commitments by customer (family), SKU or product groups. Furthermore, the solution identifies and predicts imbalance and capacity bottlenecks using time-varying business rules such as sourcing across multiple plants and multiple suppliers with qualifications and postponement strategies.

Multiple scenarios can be compared and financial consequences of each strategy can be seen. This process allows you to have the right product mix, right level of inventory from raw materials to finished goods and in between while ensuring the desired service level at lowest cost of operation. What makes Adexa’s Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) solution exceptional and unique is due to the use of intelligent algorithms produce plans that are so accurate that they can be executed without having to be revised and manipulated by the planners. Planners can simply specify their objectives and how important each objective is relative to others. Examples are service level, utilization levels, sustainability indices amongst others. A combination of such factors specified by the users will guide the system to deliver an optimal and executable plan.

And, if anything goes wrong, no worries, the plan already has a backup based on risk recognition strategies built into the application using predictive analytics. Lastly, but not least, Adexa’s Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) solution performs self-evaluation and learns from its environment and therefore constantly improves itself through machine learning algorithms.

Benefits & Features

  • Dynamic & optimal cycle times
  • Profitably deploy inventory across the enterprise
  • Synchronize material planning, capacity planning and allocation planning
  • Improve service levels
  • Reduce inventory management costs and obsolete inventory
  • Reduce expediting costs
  • Mange by/co products for optimized yield
  • Optimize safety-stock and raw-material levels
  • Dynamic and optimized sourcing for more resiliency

  • Reduce expediting costs
  • Mange by/co products for optimized yield
  • Optimize safety-stock and raw-material levels
  • Dynamic and optimized sourcing for more resiliency
Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Chart
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Gartner Peer Insight Review

Supplier Planning and Visibility

Improved supplier management means shorter lead times, lower inventories, shortage avoidance, and increased asset utilization.

You are only as good as your suppliers. So, how do you make them faster and more reliable. Give them better and faster visibility by being predictive not just responsive.

Adexa solutions provide a unified environment where demand signals automatically propagate through multiple supply-chain tiers based on vendor qualifications, dynamic sourcing rules and BOM configurations.

Benefits & Features

  • Control procurement in an outsourced manufacturing environment
  • Shorten purchasing lead times
  • Simplify purchase order tracking
  • Optimize sourcing of components and raw materials
  • Reduce raw material inventory levels
  • Communicate to suppliers in a timely manner
  • Create real-time visibility into supplier availability and capacity
  • Integrate with existing EDI and messaging backends

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