Business Solutions as a Service or B-SaaS©

Adexa offers a pioneering and flexible software and services package for E2E solution delivery for a one-stop shop. This is an innovative way of delivering the right solutions to each client of Adexa in a more flexible and more agile way at lower cost. It is called Business Solutions-as-a Service, or B-SaaS©.

This unique delivery of solutions encompasses applications, installation, implementation and operational services all in one package or parts thereof as decided by the end-users. The solutions are offered on distributed cloud with ground support, on site or remotely on-demand.

B-SaaS© can enable our client to obtain all related planning and IT services for Adexa solutions from Adexa for a recurring number of months or years. We will ensure that the solutions adapt to the client’s business processes.

We believe that B-SaaS© solutions offered by Adexa can save the clients extensive cost and enable them to focus more on their core business, using the best planning technology available.

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