Making Supply Chains Intelligent Since Inception

The geographical footprint of companies in virtually every industry has grown exponentially over the past few decades. Not only do they cater to more clients in more countries but also manage networks of suppliers, subcontractors, manufacturing sites and inventory points spread over vast distances, both nationally and internationally.   Without proper management, the incredible complexity and unwieldiness of such a supply chain ecosystem is the perfect breeding ground for lost revenue, lost assets, and lost reputations.  Adexa’s technology enables companies to lower the operation cost, minimize inventory cost and ensure on-time delivery of goods. Its predictive planning capabilities and systems make supply chains resilient.

Founded in 1994, Adexa has grown to become one of the world’s leading supply chain planning companies. Its S&OP and S&OE solutions are used by Fortune Class companies across five continents.  One of Adexa’s strongest features is that it creates a unified environment which incorporates planning solutions from demand planning to inventory optimization and supply planning to factory planning and scheduling.  Adexa fortifies this system through the use of optimization algorithms, heuristics and Machine Learning techniques to deliver accurate real-time solutions across global networks.

The company is not content to let its status as a market leader detract from its continued commitment to Adaptability and DEXterity where the name is derived from.  It is already fomenting revolutionary changes in the industry by introducing innovative technology like Attribute Based Planning (ABP) and Artificial Intelligence. Adexa’s Self-Improving Supply Chain© technology constantly assesses underlying changes in the demand and supply network and adapts itself to the environment.

Standing Out

Adexa’s comprehensive suite of solutions caters to supply chain essentials from top-level planning to execution. This unique approach encompasses both horizontal planning and vertical planning within the same unified data model. Adexa generated accurate models and therefore accurate plans which are executable without intervention from the users. Here are some unique and innovative features of Adexa:

  • Attribute-Based Planning (ABP) – Adexa’s proprietary technology that enables fast and flexible modeling of the supply chain and the ability to adapt to supply chain changes without any additional coding and consulting. With attributes defining every object in the supply chain, the model would be exact and accurate. This is a must for digitalization: accurate modeling.
  • Planning accuracy – the accuracy with which Adexa models a supply chain leads to plans that are executable, optimal and reliable.
  • Low cost of ownership  – When ABP technology is used, minimal resources are required to model the environment. More importantly attributes help to mold the system to the future business processes and priorities as thy change
  • Single-environment S&OP and S&OE– Virtually every other planning solution only uses S&OP technology based on spreadsheet logic. This result in extensive manual intervention and adjustments of plans which are suboptimal. In contrast, Adexa’s highly-accurate plans are completely self-correcting using ML techniques.
  • Financial and operations planning combined – Financials and analytics are embedded in every Adexa planning module, giving end-users at every level their own dashboard to understand the financial consequences of every operational decision, whether it is at the shop floor or global corp level.
  • Use of AI and Machine Learning technology– Supply chains evolve constantly and static models become increasingly inaccurate over time. Adexa’s Self-Improving Supply Chain© technology allows the system to constantly learn and adapt to its environment. This approach reveals hidden trends which can be leveraged to constantly make good executable plans and deliver on-time at lower cost of operations.
  • Resiliency– AI technology can detect potential harmful trends before they affect the supply chain. For example, excess inventory, and impending shortages or even weather conditions that may affect future deliveries. By predicting potential issues, the system can detect likelihood of undesired events, big or small, and make corrections, recommendations or simple warn the users regarding a growing trend.

Benefits from Adexa

Decisive Leadership

Adexa was founded by Dr. K. Cyrus Hadavi in 1994. Dr. Hadavi is one of the world’s foremost experts on supply chain management and related fields. Under his leadership, Adexa has become one of the top supply chain companies in the world with a presence on five continents.  Dr. Hadavi’s experience has been instrumental for many Fortune Class companies, including Black & Decker, Solectron, Northrop-Grumman, Philips, Toshiba, GM, Boeing, Hanes and Seagate.   Cyrus is one of the pioneers of applying Artificial Intelligence to planning problems. As early as 1990, he implemented the first-generation of his AI planning solutions at Siemens. The architecture and results were published in one of the most prestigious publications: The Journal Artificial Intelligence, in that year.

As Adjunct Professor of Operations Management at Columbia University, Dr. Hadavi taught courses on the application of computer science and AI to manufacturing. He has performed joint research at Columbia University, the Wharton School of Management, Loyola University, Clemson University, and the Max Planck Institute in Germany.  Besides publishing numerous articles and books on supply chain management, manufacturing, and e-commerce, Dr. Hadavi is a popular speaker at business forums.

He holds a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and an M.Sc. degree in Industrial Management from the University of Birmingham, UK. He also holds an M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Southampton, UK, and a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.   Dr. Hadavi is on the ECE Advisory Council (ECEC) at Michigan University, a group committed to positive, transformational change across all industries.  He is also an Executive Board member of the Center for Global Supply Chain Management at the USC Marshal School of Business.

A Culture of Innovation

Developing a thriving business in a field which moves and evolves so rapidly is never easy. Adexa’s stature today is built on its ability to foresee and avoid potential drawbacks, and to respond quickly and effectively when that is not possible.  One of the issues with which it has had to contend since the very first days is the difference in cultures between client companies. Because it deals with such diverse clientele, Adexa has to constantly shift and adapt so its approach fits perfectly in every situation.  Client education can also be an obstacle. Because change is never easy, C-level executives on the client’s side have to be convinced of the efficacy of Adexa’s solutions. Adexa has to effectively convey how its technology simplifies the role of everyone in the supply chain.

Finally, there is a great disparity in terms of functionality between legacy systems used by clients and the cutting-edge Adexa platform. They have to ensure that their sophisticated algorithms do not affect its user-friendliness and that the platform does not require extensive end-user training.  It is Adexa’s ability to consistently solve such problems that underscores its reputation as one of the best supply chain planning companies in the world.  The culture of innovation is as strong as ever. Adexa is currently in the process of combining animation technology with predictive analytics to produce notifications for critical information across all mobile devices.   With such cutting-edge technology in the works, Adexa is laying the foundation for continued excellence and market leadership.


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