Faced with global competition, fragmented channels, and a growing need to minimize product inventories and lifecycle costs, profitable industrial manufacturing is more challenging than ever before. Supply chain management has become a critical business issue, requiring suppliers and other stakeholders to share the burden of competitive market pressures. You have to gain a higher return on financial and operational assets at every stage of the process. Adexa can show you how to gain that higher return.

Benefits & Features

Optimize Resource Investments — Compare financial KPIs and tie them into operational KPIs to ensure a response to opportunities and threats in a timely manner.
Rationalize Global Capacity — Generate a virtual supply chain to optimize capacity and streamline asset base through a single integrated view.
Enhance Customer Service — Increase flexibility, accelerate order promising, and improve aftersale support with more responsive demand planning and inventory management.
Reduce Lifecycle Costs — Enable cost-efficient design and demand planning to cut costs from manufacturing, logistics, and MRO stocks.
Synchronize Planning — Establish a common language for capturing data and feeding decisions back to varied enterprise and shop floor systems.
Optimize Product Designs — Manage and schedule product lifecycles, accelerate new products, and optimize all lifecycle phases. Optimally deploy engineering, CAD, and prototyping resources to complete critical projects.
Enable Collaboration — Deliver better information faster so trading partners can plan for demand fluctuations and operate proactively to help reach goals.
Measure, Monitor, Notify, and Adjust — Use hundreds of pre-built, audit-ready/approved KPIs across all departments and roles to stay continuously informed about all aspects of production.

Benefits from Adexa

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