Strategic Network Optimization

Adexa IBP offers strategic network optimization as an integral part of its solutions to aggregate, synchronize and optimize multi-site, multi enterprise procurement, production and distribution plans. Adexa strategic network optimization is intended to project accurate financial targets while minimizing operations cost drastically.

Shareholders demand higher returns and, in today’s more accountable economic times, the only effective way to deliver them is by improving enterprise agility and resilience with strategic network optimization and digitalization of the supply chain.

Benefits and Features of Strategic Network Optimization

  • A cost-based platform that links the operations plan to the financial plan
  • An intelligent system to help Supply Planners optimize plans, see the potential risks and examine alternatives
  • A single solution to link demand planners, supply planners, customers, suppliers and financial planners

  • Strategic Network Optimizer dynamically finds the most optimal sourcing strategies to reduce cost and ensure continuity of supply chain operations
  • Provides visibility across all the entities in the supply chain network for optimal alignment and resiliency.
  • The system allows what-if scenario planning for end-users to examine their alternatives

Adexa Offers Expert Strategic Network Optimization Solutions

Adexa strategic network optimization is available on-demand on your private or public cloud. With help from Adexa supply chain solution consultants, digitize your entire supply chain network for much improved agility, resilience and profitability. Get in touch or request a demo. Let us show you how!

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