Predict, Not Just Respond
True Financial Projections

Dependable Financial Projections Hinge on Accurate Models of Supply Chain

Every plan, at high level or execution level, needs to be accurate enough to project true financial implications. Whether you are doing network design, inventory optimization, S&OP or even S&OE, Adexa solutions enable financial projections at greatest level of accuracy.

Accurate plans are the result of accurate models which represent the actual operations. That, in turn, is capable of projecting the implications of every planning decision made. Adexa solutions have been designed to incorporate the cost information at every level of supply chain including equipment, supply, suppliers, substitute parts, alternative subcontractors, setup times, labor etc.

To this end, no matter how high or detailed your plan is, network level, S&OP, S&OE, Inventory optimization or factory planning and sequencing, the system immediately reflects the true and expected financial KPIs. This is in contrast to financial models that take into account a very high view of supply chain assuming buckets as equipment capacity, fixed leadtimes, pre-defined bottlenecks and lack of understanding true implications of product mix on operations.

Moreover, Adexa offers the prescriptive algorithms to provide options to the planners to decide on desired service levels for customers, or tiers thereof, and recommend projected inventory levels and lowest cost information for each specified service level.

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