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Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning

In order to synchronize volatile supply and demand factors throughout the extended supply chain, you need to have a planning environment that considers the cause and effect relationships between millions of data points in the blink of an eye. MRP systems can provide some of the data, but they can’t address dynamic lead-times and respond quickly to changing demand patterns, minimize overtime, optimize plant utilization, manage materials deliveries, and streamline or balance production lines. This synchronization can be achieved at multiple locations along the supply chain.

Adexa Supply Chain Planning solutions, an integral part of Adexa IBP solution, supports constraint-based planning with a comprehensive, inter and intra-enterprise-wide model to synchronize supply with demand across the entire resources of your multi-site, multi-tier supply chain. Organizations can reduce inventories by optimizing all supply chain activities and increase responsiveness through shorter planning cycles. The supply chain model takes into account manufacturing and assembly locations, subcontractors, DC’s, suppliers, customer hubs as well as transportation alternatives in order to deliver a synchronized and optimized plan. All in a matter of few minutes or a few hours depending on the size of the supply chain. Capacity and inventory are used to their fullest extent so orders can be filled when they are truly required. Furthermore, it allows what-if functionality and incremental changes in the plan as well as AT/CTP capability in sub-seconds. Most importantly, it uses Attribute-Based Planning© in order to allow users to define any kind of constraint within the system dynamically. This is a unique feature of Adexa that enables flexibility in the system to change and grow with the organization and model virtually every requirement of the users without having to do reprogramming of the system.

Benefits & Features

  • Create accurate constraint-based plans quickly
  • Reduce excess inventory, overtime, and open work orders
  • Shorten lead times
  • Gain new visibility into production capacity and material usage
  • Accommodate customer-demand changes in a timely manner
  • Simplify allocation planning for equitable inventory distribution
  • Choose the right alternate suppliers Supply Chain Planning

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