Predict, Not Just Respond

MEIO Whitepapers

Demand Planning

Understanding and forecasting product demand is critical to satisfying customers while maximizing profitability. Accurate demand planning has a rippling wave of efficiencies recognized as reduced inventory levels, shortened lead times, and the optimized usage of manufacturing capacity.

Lean on MEIO

Lean is all about having the right level of inventory to meet customer demand in a timely manner. MEIO enables you to evaluate the trade-offs between service and cost of inventory, understand the drivers of inventory related costs, understand impact of uncertainty in supply chain and finally move to lean manufacturing to reduce/eliminate bullwhip effect.

What is your Company’s Cholesterol Level?

Just like Cholesterol, we have “good” inventory and “bad” inventory. The good one is the one indicated by a high number of turns which is indicative of agility and fitness that increase your good cholesterol. The bad one is the one that sits and clogs up your supply chain arteries.

Demystifying Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization

This is a non-technical and quick read guide on Multi Echelon Inventory Planning. It takes a closer look at the issues related to inventory planning and the challenges it brings to managing your supply chain.

Overcoming The Shortcomings Of Fabless Planning Systems

Are you a Fabless enterprise? Do you have a virtual but highly complex supply chain? Do you feel wedged between big customers and faraway suppliers? If that is the case, how well are your supply chain planning systems working for you? In this paper, we discuss the shortcomings of current Fabless planning systems, and how you can overcome them.