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Where is the “E” in S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning)?


According to Gartner, there can be no effective sales and operations planning (S&OP) process without an S&OE—Sales and Operations Execution, process. In other words, why make a plan if cannot be executed accurately or cannot be translated into execution?

Where is the “E” in S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning)?2022-11-03T23:15:56+00:00

What is a Unified Data Model?


Unified Data Model is more than a so called “single data model.” One single model in memory unlike unified data model cannot expand and contract to lower levels of detail and higher levels of planning.

What is a Unified Data Model?2022-06-09T04:16:18+00:00

Just Add Data – Not Another System


Having S&OP and S&OE as two separate systems does not make sense, it is redundant and costly. Having two systems implies two disjoint systems that do not understand each other’s data model. This results in wrong projection of output, missed delivery commitments, too much inventory and misleading financial projections.

Just Add Data – Not Another System2022-10-20T19:20:12+00:00

Symptoms of S&OPisis!


Digitalization and supply chain resiliency are the motivating factors for supply chain leaders to rush into modernizing their supply chain planning systems. First thing they hear is: “how about a S&OP solution?” S&OP will take you to only less than half way to a digital twin of your supply chain.

Symptoms of S&OPisis!2022-06-08T11:08:48+00:00

Integrated S&OP and S&OE


A lot of discussion regarding bringing planning and execution closer to each other in a seamless environment. Having an integrated S&OP and S&OE environment seems to be the answer.

Integrated S&OP and S&OE2022-06-28T01:19:41+00:00
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