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Supply Chain Risk and How to Mitigate


Planning is all about risk mitigation. Risks come in many forms: too much inventory, too little inventory, not enough to meet the demand, delivery interruptions because of weather, supplier issues, Acts of God, sanctions, labor disputes and so on.

Supply Chain Risk and How to Mitigate2022-06-09T03:28:28+00:00

Did You Say Security or Reliability?


With Adexa, our clients benefit from the latest technology available in security, using SAML authentication with third party Identity Management systems; and reliability, whether it is on the client’s own cloud, on premise or Adexa cloud.

Did You Say Security or Reliability?2022-06-08T12:25:25+00:00

Just Add Data – Not Another System


Having S&OP and S&OE as two separate systems does not make sense, it is redundant and costly. Having two systems implies two disjoint systems that do not understand each other’s data model. This results in wrong projection of output, missed delivery commitments, too much inventory and misleading financial projections.

Just Add Data – Not Another System2022-10-20T19:20:12+00:00
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