Predict, Not Just Respond
Supply Chain Innovation Summit

Traditionally supply chain planning has been about efficiency, optimization of resources and on-time delivery. However, as we have seen in the recent pandemic as well as other disruptions such as Suez Canal blockage, resiliency of the supply chain has become of utmost importance. There is a premium to be paid for being resilient and the ability to mitigate risk. Inventory is only one answer. Digitalization and design of the supply chain also play a major role in creating resilient supply chains. Given the recent advancement of AI and machine learning technology, we are now in a position to predict and respond to such inevitable disruptions that cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Industry 4.0 has brought a new vision on supply chain planning systems. It is time re-think and redesign supply chain operations having in mind systems that can plan, predict, optimize and reconfigure themselves adapting to the constantly changing environments that they are managing. We will be presenting a case study on how optimal supply chain plans are generated autonomously in almost real-time for almost 600 sites worldwide that are immediately executable without any manual intervention.

Join us virtually in Europe at Supply Chain Innovation 4.0 on May 20 – 21 to learn about the latest technological innovations in supply chain planning and how they can help your company to digitalize and run your supply chains autonomously.


Accurate Plan



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