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Business Solutions as a Service or B-SaaS©

Adexa offers a unique flexible software and services package for end-to-end solution delivery for a one-stop shop. This is an innovative way of delivering the right solutions to each client of Adexa in a more flexible and more agile way at lower cost. It is called Business Solutions-as-a Service, or B-SaaS©. This unique delivery of solutions encompasses applications, installation, implementation and operational services all in one package or parts thereof as decided by the end-users. The solutions are offered on distributed cloud with ground support, on site or remotely on-demand as needed.

Clients may acquire Adexa solutions as a perpetual license and/or on a subscription basis as a service. Either way, Adexa will provide all the resources needed for the implementation phase of designing the to-be business process and best practices, implementation of the system and all the required integration. This is followed by having Adexa personnel and consultants available on-site or remotely supporting the operations and assisting users on a full time/part time basis under a user-to-hire or system administrator-to-hire arrangement. All of such services are optional and can be fully configured to the needs of the client. Adexa’s worldwide presence allows availability of experts at all of our customers’ global sites on an as-needed basis on-demand 24×7.

We believe that B-SaaS© solutions offered by Adexa can save the clients extensive overhead cost and enable them to focus more on their core business with the best possible planning solutions and expertise that can be available anywhere. With B-SaaS©, the client is freed up to focus on more important and strategic activities and at the same time obtain the best advice and information to make the right supply chain planning decisions using the latest and most innovative technology. For further information contact your Adexa representative or send an email to

SaaS or Software-as-a-Service has been around for a number of years and there seems to be a burgeoning demand for such services for certain segments of the software market. B-SaaS© or Business Solutions-as-a-Service is the next generation of Software-as-a service. B-SaaS© is a pioneering form of solution delivery that is designed by Adexa to provide different levels of software and services support depending on the needs of the client. At its highest level, B-SaaS© may enable the client to obtain all related planning and IT services for Adexa solutions from Adexa for a recurring number of months or years. Adexa would be responsible for generating operational plans and solutions as needed by the customer, all the integration services as well as making sure that the solutions adapt to the client’s business needs and processes. Adexa consultants are made available on site as needed in order to maintain and upgrade the system, maintain the integration, produce plans and reports as needed by the company’s business processes. B-SaaS© allows both on-site as well off-site system availability, purchase and maintenance of the required hardware as well as middleware. In other words, a complete turnkey system installed and run by Adexa to ensure 24×7 availability all around the globe. Under this scenario, Adexa consultants are fully dedicated and completely integrated into the business environment of the client.

Because of Adexa’s decades of experience in planning and design of planning processes, we are in a position to deliver the best expertise in planning, in planning processes and more importantly use of our systems in the most efficient way possible. In many situations, when the system is delivered and the client is trained, over the future months and years, the experts tend to change positions or jobs and therefore the core expertise within the company may gradually fade away. Under a B-SaaS© scenario, you are guaranteed to get the best and most experienced people in Adexa solutions available to you atall times. Furthermore, the on-site consultants are in a position to help you to constantly adapt the system to the client’s changing business processes.

We believe that B-SaaS© solutions offered by Adexa can save the clients extensive overhead cost and enable them to focus more on their core business with the best possible planning solutions that can be available anywhere. By outsourcing the planning and Adexa-related IT and integration functions, the client is freed up to focus more on more important and strategic activities and at the same time obtain the best advice and information to make the right business decisions.

Flexibility is the key here. We will work with our clients to provide interim or long-term services on demand based on different levels of B-SaaS© requested. The following Levels are guidelines and can be tailored to each client.


Level I B-SaaS© offers the end users to have Adexa solutions either on-site or off-site client’s premises paid for on monthly basis for a 2-5 year recurring payment period. The payment includes system maintenance, upgrade installations and services that are normally offered as described in our standard software license maintenance agreement including upgrades, bug fixes and enhancements as needed by the industry. The upfront cost includes implementation cost and any other related cost including middleware, hardware and other third party systems as needed. Under Level I scenario, the client will be fully responsible for system operations and related IT support.


Level II B-SaaS© is a super set of Level I. In addition, it offers the option of one or more dedicated Adexa consultants to be available for a defined region(s) and time period. The latter could be anything from 4 hours a week to 24×7 availability in order to answer any questions or support any issues. Availability on site, to act as a super user and/or system administrator as well as IT support, is also an option. Any or all of these functions may be made available on an on-going and contractual basis for a mutually agreed period of time. The core planning function remains the responsibility of the client. Depending on the needs of the client, onsite support from Adexa will be fully integrated with the planning department to ensure full support.


Under Level III agreement, Adexa will enable the client with all the services offered in Level II as well as full planning function on a full time or part time basis. Adexa consultants will be fully integrated in the client’s business process and will be working with the rest of the organization to provide the best practices solutions to support the business. Because of our extended experience in many different types of industry and exposure to best practices, Adexa consultants are in a position to advise the client on the latest and best possible methodology and practices in their industry. And more importantly, introduce innovative solutions from other industries to provide a competitive edge to the client on an on-going basis. Clients are generally required to engage for a period of at least 3 years for Level III type of engagement.

I am already an Adexa customer, how can I get additional services?

As an existing Adexa customer, you are in an advantageous position to get any of our B-SaaS© services as needed. For example, if you are in the process of extending Adexa solutions to other parts of your organization, or implement an additional module or because of a surge in business, need additional support in IT or planning then any of our B-SaaS© solutions are available to you for a pre-defined period of time which could be as little as 6 months.

Do I still need to have my own planners and super users?

Depending on what level of service you are interested to obtain from Adexa the answer would vary. Under a Level II scenario, you would need your own planner whereas with Level III, Adexa can provide all your planning functions. However, the answer may be somewhere in between. We can work with you to address specifically what your needs are and come up with a solution that is tailored to your specific need at the time.

Do I still need to have IT personnel to maintain Adexa solutions?

For Level II and III, you may be able to avoid any IT personnel of your own since our IT consultants will be made available to you to undertake any potential Adexa related IT issues.

Do I still need to pay maintenance if I am using B-SaaS© services from Adexa?

For any of the Levels described, all the maintenance services are included in the recurring fee payments for the period of the contract. If you are already a maintenance paying customer and would like to switch to one of the B-SaaS© levels then we can switch your payment method to a subscription basis which may include other services as described above.

What is the monthly payment for B-SaaS©?

This varies depending on the amount of services and length of commitment. Obviously longer term contracts would require less monthly payments. Also, if you have more than one Adexa module, then total cost of services per module is substantially reduced. For example, an Adexa IT consultant can be deployed to provide services for more than one system at any point in time.

I have factories all over the world; can Adexa deploy support in all these sites?

We have customers and support in almost every continent. Most of our clients are global Fortune 2000 companies and for the past 2 decades or so we have provided them with the highest level of responsiveness and service possible. In most cases we have both local as well as HQ support available on an as needed basis.

Is there an up-front payment for B-SaaS©?

Yes. The upfront payment is generally for implementation and possibly hardware and middleware purchase as needed. In situations where the software is deployed off-site, the upfront cost is drastically reduced because of the economies of scale. Also, many of our clients are interested to deploy or acquire their own hardware and middleware in which case most of the upfront payment would be for the implementation cost which is paid on time and material basis.

Does Adexa B-SaaS© solution provide hardware?

Hardware is provided if the solution is hosted by Adexa. For onsite implementations both options are available to the client to either acquire the hardware themselves or ask Adexa to provide it for an additional cost.

Can I obtain B-SaaS© even if I deploy the software on site as a perpetual license?

Yes. B-SaaS© is a business solution regardless of where the system is running and how you are paying for the software license. B-SaaS© is intended to provide any additional business solutions that are needed, including IT, planning, and administration. So if you already have Adexa solutions or thinking of obtaining Adexa solutions as a perpetual license on site, then we highly recommend that you consider any of our services as described in Level I, II, or III.