merging planning and execution

Merging planning and execution in a unified platform designed to benefit from the latest AI/ML technology

One intelligent planning and execution platform designed to build your digitalized, resilient and agile supply chain of tomorrow.

Let’s make accurate supply chain plans together!

Unified planning & execution

In order to achieve a continuum of planning and execution, a unified model based on a distributed environment with intelligent sensors are the basic ingredients. A unified model creates the continuity that is needed in planning and execution, beyond just integration of the two.

“Companies that use ONE solution across the full planning horizon, reduce the risk of disconnect between S&OP and S&OE.” ~ Gartner
“30% of SC leaders are saying the lack of alignment of plans across time horizons is among the top 3 SC planning challenges.” ~ Gartner

Learn How Adexa clients have benefited from AI/ML today

Adexa from its conception has deployed AI for faster search algorithms, for self-correcting the digital twin and self-improving the processes. Our approach has been that the supply side is just as indeterministic as the demand side. Hence use of stochastic planning algorithms to make the supply chain not just resilient but also anti-fragile. The use of Adexa Genies© in a distributed environment provides an extensible and scalable approach to making the supply chain adapt to its environment and keep on learning to get better. With Adexa the system becomes the user helping the super users, or planners, to come up with executable plans in real-time. Furthermore the use of LLM, eg ChatGPT, to enhance user experience and improve planner productivity is now made available in our solutions.