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Predict, Not Just Respond


Identifies, evaluates and documents computing system requirements. Designs, builds and tests delivery systems and components. Evaluates product usability, affordability, functionality, security and performance to assess suitability for integration into delivery system environments. Provides technical support and consultation for the implementation and usage of delivery systems. Provide technical support to software development and integration efforts in lab and field environments. Should possess a strong knowledge of, systems, and field site operations activities. Possess strong knowledge of Oracle, SQL Server, data modeling, schemas, and performance tuning


Build Positive Relationships

Consistently builds effective working relationships with other project leads, internal employees, and external customers. Probes for and provides information to clarify situations. Consistently seeks and expands on original ideas from other project leads, internal employees, and external customers, enhances others’ ideas, and contributes own ideas about the issues at hand. Places higher priority on project and organization goals than on own goals. Guides others in gaining agreement from other project leads, managers, internal employees, and external customers to support ideas or take partnership-oriented action; uses sound rationale to explain value of actions. Establishes good interpersonal relationships by helping people feel valued, appreciated, and included in discussions.

Continuous Improvement

Consistently and proactively reviews complex and/or specialized processes to identify gaps between requirements and current outputs within own work group, throughout the organization, and with external customers. Identifies potential conditions that contribute to gaps or key variances; explores complex relationships between conditions and effects; distinguishes causes from symptoms and identifies primary causes. Consistently and proactively generates ideas for solutions; analyzes the effect or impact of each solution; selects appropriate solutions; tests solutions; and gathers feedback from fellow project leads, internal employees and external customers on effectiveness. Reviews impact on baseline measures and modifies solutions as appropriate to ensure effectiveness.

Contributing To Team Success

Consistently makes procedural or process suggestions to work group members, fellow project leads, other internal employees, and external customers for achieving team goals or performing team functions; provides necessary resources or helps to remove obstacles to team accomplishments. Listens to and fully involves others in team decisions and actions; values and uses individual differences and talents. Shares important or relevant information with the team. Adheres to the team’s expectations and guidelines; fulfills team responsibilities; demonstrates personal commitment to the team.

Customer Focus

Makes customers and their needs a primary focus of one’s actions as a project team leader; develops and sustains productive customer relationships as they relate to project team leadership responsibilities; actively seeks information to understand customers’circumstances, problems, expectations, and needs; presents project level information to customers to build their understanding of issues and capabilities; considers how project level actions or plans will affect customers; responds quickly to meet customer needs and resolve problems; assists other project team leaders in implementing ways to monitor and evaluate customer concerns, issues, and satisfaction and to anticipate customer needs.

Planning And Organizing

Identifies more critical and less critical activities and assignments; adjusts priorities when appropriate. Proactively determines project or assignment requirements by breaking them down into tasks and identifying types of equipment, materials, and people needed. Effectively allocates appropriate amounts of time for completing own work; avoids scheduling conflicts. Proficient at taking advantage of available resources (individuals, processes, departments, and tools) to complete work efficiently; coordinates with internal and external partners. Uses time effectively and prevents irrelevant issues or distractions from interfering with work completion.

  • 5+ years of SQL server and Oracle development
  • Strong background in Power BI and Tableau with Predictive Analytics / Reporting experiences
  • Stored Procedures, triggers, performance tuning
  • Need to be able to code or learn TCL
  • Understand and work with data models, schemas, sql objects and data object model
  • Be able to work independently on tasks and interact well in a team
  • Meet deadlines as assigned
  • Good QA testing of code
  • Some supply chain knowledge
  • Adaptable and flexible, pick up on information quickly
  • Strong communication skills and delivery performance
System Integration/Design

Extensive ability to build computing systems from a variety of components to provide a business solution, including the ability to integrate application components and databases across computing platforms.


Bachelor’s degree in Business, Engineering, Computer Science or other related discipline. Equivalent combination of experience and training that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.

To Apply:

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