Predict, Not Just Respond

You Can Do A Lot More with Your MES Data!


The Role of MES Data in Supply Chain Planning:

Because of the proliferation of internet and systems, data is now available in abundance. The rate at which data and information comes at you has increased by over a 1000 orders of magnitude just in the past few decades! Consider even a simple task of what to watch on TV! There are too many options and the question is how do you decide what to watch? A simple search or scan is not an option since by the time you find the “right” one, it is probably over. To this end, you need to have intelligent systems (or “intelligent assistants”) which can monitor your wishes and behavior and make recommendations based on what is available in sub-seconds at the time you wish to watch!

In making decisions about business and planning operations, we are faced with the same problem. Data is everywhere from ERP systems to MES Data to local databases and spreadsheets. And more keeps coming, such as surprise orders, shortages, late deliveries, factory and equipment breakdowns, dock strikes, flooding, quality issues, just to mention a few. But even under normal circumstance, there is so much useful information in your ERP and MES Data systems that can tell you what to do and what not to do. Extracting this information and generating batch reports using spreadsheets are no better than scanning your TV channels. To make an optimal decision based on all the information that is available to you requires the speed and “intelligence” of systems. At any point in time, your MES Data system has detailed information regarding the location of your WIP, your equipment status, tooling requirements, past and future routing of each lot, maintenance schedules, process information, quality issues, inventory points, operator presence and availability, split and joint operations, on and on!

An intelligent system can absorb all this information in real-time and perform useful functions such as re-pegging the lots to new orders based on up-to-date quality information, it can avoid potential bottlenecks that are developing, it can release the lots to minimize their cycle time, it can tell the operators what to work on and when to deliver on time and avoid delays. It can also reallocate material and resources to where it is most urgent when and if there are shortages, breakdowns or surprise demands. Such a system provides the intelligence that takes data, by the millions, and turns it into useful execution, we refer to this as Execution Visibility.S&OP systems generate plans which are high level and at best 60% accurate. The kind of system that is described here can perform Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE).  It compliments S&OP so that plans are executable and close to 100% accurate.  For more information on S&OE and execution visibility, please click on our Solutions page link HERE.



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