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Adexa Forms a Joint Venture in China


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Los Angeles, California – June 15, 2020 – Adexa, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent AI-powered solutions for supply chain optimization and digitalization, today signed a joint agreement with Qingdao Innovation Institute (QDII) for expansion of its operations in China. “The mission of QDII is to offer the most advanced technologies to Chinese industries and educational institutions. To this end, Adexa was selected for its most advanced technology in supply chain digitalization,” said Dr. Yannong Huang, CEO of QDII. Furthermore: “in light of the Industrial Internet Initiative in the country, there is a large unmet gap for robust and Intelligent supply chain planning solutions, especially in multi-dimensional demand forecasting, advanced planning and scheduling, and seamless integration with collaborating enterprise systems, that would enable companies in China to adopt Global best practices in supply chain optimization and visibility.”

Dr. Cyrus Hadavi, CEO of Adexa, expressed: “Given the growth of China as the second largest economy in the world, supply chain strategy is one of the key and critical issues that Chinese companies need to deal with. Their ability to digitally plan, execute and deliver in almost real-time will define their competitiveness on the world stage.” He added, “Adexa has the latest technology, the scale and know-how to enable the requirements of 21st century supply chains.”


About Adexa

Adexa is the premier AI-powered enterprise business planning solutions that perform both S&OP and S&OE in a unified data model. This architecture enables strategic planning, financial planning and supply chain planning to be planned and seamlessly executed. In this synchronized environment, the financial impact of planning decisions, and their ramifications on the enterprise, are known in advance to ensure profitable decisions are made every time, in real-time. The end result is a digitalized enterprise, able to proactively adjust to changing market conditions autonomously and support growth and capitalization. Visit:


About QDII

The Qingdao Innovation Institute (QDII) was established with a joint support from the Qingdao Oceantec Valley government and SRI International (a.k.a. Stanford Research Institute). Its mission is twofold: one is to assist scientists and engineers in commercializing their technologies and inventions with proven Silicon Valley innovation methodologies, the other is to help international businesses access the Chinese market with turn-key solutions including logistics, go-to-market support, financing, etc. One area of particular focus is AI/data science and their applications in enterprise computing. Visit:



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