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Home Solutions Multi-Echelon Inventory Planning: Executive Survival Kit
Multi-Echelon Inventory Planning: Executive Survival Kit

The technology behind supply chain inventory planning has moved to whole new level of solutions called Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization and its becoming a very hot topic amongst the supply chain practitioners and experts. In order to save you time and effort we have put all of our best information on MEIO in one comprehensive executive Survival Kit, to download at any time. It includes:


Demystifying Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization
Format: PDF, 13pgs, 516kb

Description: Is Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization a big mystery to you?  It is to many people.  Or you may just want to learn more about this new technology and how it can be used in your enterprise.  In this ePaper we take a close look at the issue of inventory and the challenges it brings to managing your supply chain.  Then we take a detailed look at MEIO and how it can be used as an advanced tool within your critical planning processes.

    Videos & Slidecasts:

Inventroy Planning Defined As Part Of S&OP

Description: In this 15 minute video we discuss how Inventory Planning fits into the overall S&OP process and how it impacts your supply chain performance. Also, What are the common barriers to better use of inventories? And, what are some of the best-in-class inventory planning practices?

MEIO Introduction

Description:  This 5-minute presentation will provide a quick introduction to MEIO, its basic concepts, and how it can work in your enterprise.

MEIO Optimization Engine Slidecast

Description:  This 5-minute presentation will describe how the "Optimization Engine" in MEIO actually works. You'll see its not not magic, just advanced technology.

   Blog Articles:

Description: These blog postings provide quick and informative reads on different topics related to MEIO. Click and enjoy:

Reducing Supply Chain Risk With Better Inventory Planning
Not Your Father's Inventory Management System
What Does It Mean To Optimize Inventory?
Multi Echelon Inventory Planning Demystified!

For more details about Inventory Planning please click on Inventory Planning or visit solutions for more information about Adexa's other advanced solutions for enterprise planning.

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