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What is Attribute Based Planning?


Recently Attribute Based Planning has become extremely important for supply chain planning. However, attributes are not just in the finished goods, they are in every object in the supply chain including suppliers, equipment, WIP, processes, tools, locations etc. Learn how attributes can be used to make the planning engine modeling accurate, adaptable at the same time drastically reducing SKU proliferation.

What is Attribute Based Planning?2022-03-12T00:26:28+00:00

On time Delivery and Higher Profitability with S&OE


A Digital Twin of the supply chain, like any other identical twin, needs to change when the physical version changes or else they could be fraternal! Or not even twins! The whole purpose of a digital twin is to represent your physical world accurately. Creating a digital twin of the supply chain is essential, however maintaining it is critical.

On time Delivery and Higher Profitability with S&OE2022-09-26T10:59:09+00:00

Let Adexa Genies© Run Your Supply Chain Autonomously


The resiliency and efficiency of your Supply chain depends on how you minimize future risks and plan for them by PREDICTING when and where it might occur and how it can be prevented. Adexa Genies© help to minimize the risk of stock-outs and reduce your inventory cost while maximizing service levels. These intelligent agents use very powerful AI and machine learning algorithms to enable your supply chain to run autonomously by sensing, acting and continuously learning.

Let Adexa Genies© Run Your Supply Chain Autonomously2022-03-12T00:26:28+00:00

Digital Blueprint to Digitalization of Your Supply Chain


Accurate supply chain planning is the key to digitalization. At Adexa we define Digitalization as a Digital Mirror© of your supply chain. This requires the ability of the system to model your supply chain in detail through the use of attributes. Otherwise having just an S&OP solution you are only one step above spreadsheet planning! Combining S&OP and S&OE and Attribute Based Planning with machine learning capability is how you merge Planning and Execution in a Unified Data Model.

Digital Blueprint to Digitalization of Your Supply Chain2022-03-12T00:26:28+00:00

Unified Data Model (UDM) is BETTER!


A unified data model implies a single solution that can expand and contract vertically and extend horizontally only because it has a single data model. In the absence of the latter single solution code does not exist! Other solution providers may have a single code but they have yet to prove that they can extend it vertically to show detail and execution planning!

Unified Data Model (UDM) is BETTER!2022-03-12T00:26:28+00:00



I am an Adexa Genie©. What you might call a digital expert. I am capable of performing all kinds of supply chain planning functions and keep getting better at it. How? Well just like you I can learn and improve. I can even learn from you! I can plan your production, decide on the product mix, respond to your customers and remind suppliers that their performance, well, has not been quite at par! I and my buddies perform all kinds of functions to run your supply chain autonomously and save you millions of dollars. We don’t even get paid for it! But if you LIKE us, please click that button to make us happier and more productive

Meet GENIE2022-03-12T00:26:28+00:00

Continuous & Autonomous Planning


As data becomes more and more available in real-time, supply chain planning systems must respond to the events as needed on a continuous basis. Much like an autonomous car responding (or not responding) to the data it receives from its sensors and makes changes accordingly. “As needed” is the key.

Continuous & Autonomous Planning2022-03-12T00:26:28+00:00

2018 Global Supply Chain Summit


Cyrus Hadavi, CEO, Adexa John Daly, President, Algomus Manju Devadas, CEO, Pluto7 Katy McShane, Director, Customer Success Lanetix Sanne Manders, COO, Flexport Dave Lubowe, Executive Director, EY (Moderator)

2018 Global Supply Chain Summit2022-03-12T00:26:28+00:00

2015 Global Supply Chain Summit


The Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit held at USC Marshall School has been designed to stimulate ideas and provoke conversation on a broad range of important topics. This year Adexa’s CEO, Dr. Cyrus Hadavi participated as a panelist on The Technology and Supply Chain Solutions session.

2015 Global Supply Chain Summit2022-03-12T00:26:28+00:00
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