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Supplier Visibility and Planning

Supplier Visibility and Planning

You are only as good as your suppliers. So, how do you make them faster and more reliable…maybe even establish a vendor managed inventory (VMI) program? Perhaps you should start by taking a look at yourself. Do you know your on-hand inventories and capacities for every step in the manufacturing process? Can you rapidly communicate real requirements and measure supplier performance? Improved supplier management means shorter lead times, lower inventories, shortage avoidance, and increased asset utilization.

Adexa Supplier Management streamlines procurement at every stage, compressing purchasing cycles and giving you full visibility into the order execution process in an outsourced manufacturing environment. Is it true? Yes. Only Adexa provides a unified environment where demand signals automatically propagate through multiple supply-chain tiers based on sourcing rules and bill of materials. That helps you reduce raw material and component inventories (and risk of obsolescence), lower purchasing prices, shorten purchasing lead times, and streamline communications.

Benefits & Features

  • Control procurement in an outsourced manufacturing environment
  • Shorten purchasing lead times
  • Simplify purchase order tracking
  • Optimize sourcing of components and raw materials
  • Reduce raw material inventory levels
  • Communicate to suppliers in a timely manner
  • Create real-time visibility into supplier availability and capacity
  • Integrate with existing EDI and messaging backends

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