Predict, Not Just Respond

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Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning Datasheet

Collaborative Operations Planning Datasheet

Sales & Operations Planning: Integrate with Finance and Improve Revenue

Integrated S&OP and S&OE

S&OP plans are quite attractive and look great with all kinds of fancy colorful charts. However, being at such a high level, their accuracy is far from reliable. Secondly, they need to be translated to execution plans.

Plan your Supply Chain like Shock Absorbers in your Car

When you get in the car, execution begins combined with some short-term planning that includes taking some short cuts and stopping for gas and coffee. At a much lower and detailed level of execution, your shock absorbers are taking all the bumps in the road in order to ensure a comfortable ride—this is completely reactive and no planning is done at this level.

Overcoming The Shortcomings Of Fabless Planning Systems

Are you a Fabless enterprise? Do you have a virtual but highly complex supply chain? Do you feel wedged between big customers and faraway suppliers? If that is the case, how well are your supply chain planning systems working for you? In this paper, we discuss the shortcomings of current Fabless planning systems, and how you can overcome them.