Predict, Not Just Respond

Sales & Operation Planning & Execution (SOPE©)

Sales & Operation Planning & Execution (SOPE©) is a tailored solution that combines S&OP and S&OE to deliver accurate models and accurate plans of your supply chain. Using Adexa Digital Blueprint technology, based on availability of your data, we model your environment as accurately as possible. This is the first step to digitalization. Once an accurate model is present then, our prescriptive and AI based heuristics are applied in order to create optimized plans. The modeling detail can be added as needed and as more data becomes available. Hence increasing model accuracy. This process continues until your supply chain becomes totally autonomous.

As your supply chain and your business grows, new policies are adopted and business priorities change. This implies changes in the model and the way you run your supply chain. The system, therefore, needs to adapt to these changes and autonomously manage the operation while the changes are taking place. This is done through Attribute Based Planning (ABP) and the use of ML techniques. Attributes are present throughout the entire supply chain, including suppliers, products, equipment, people, regions, locations, WIP, customers, materials etc. Boolean logic is used on the range and values of attributes in order to form new business rules. ABP takes these new rules and treat them as business constraints. To this end, the resulting solution and the plans are respectful of the new business constraints.

With SOPE©…Adexa guarantees delivery of executable plans for daily, weekly, monthly and beyond, accurate enough for immediate execution

Additionally, there are underlying trend changes in the supply chain. Some are noticeable and known and some are hidden. For example, efficiency of an equipment degrading over time, supplier behavior changing in different seasons, or certain product yields going up or down are amongst the latter. Using machine learning techniques, such trends are identified and their probable causes are highlighted for correction. This process ensures that the model of the supply chain remains up-to-date and correct on an on-going basis.

As it can be seen, both the model and policies are constantly updating themselves and adapting to the new environment. In addition, highlighting the changes and corrections that may be needed to the attention of the management. At Adexa we refer to these processes as Self-correcting and Self-improving supply chains. There is one more powerful feature of the system that may not be quite visible to the end user and that is Self-optimizing. The latter is constantly learning how to improve the performance of its own algorithms. Thus, the search algorithms become faster and more efficient resulting in much faster predictive planning. For more detail on Adexa’s autonomous planning capabilities click HERE.