Predict, Not Just Respond

Replenishment Planning and Optimization (RPO)

Adexa Predictive Analytics – Collaborative Replenishment Planning

Adexa has extended its Predictive Analytics (APA) solutions to include an option for Replenishment Planning. Similar to the current Demand Planning, Inventory Planning (MEIO), and Supply Visibility solutions already offered on the Adexa Predictive Analytics platform, Replenishment Planning enables collaboration supported by real time calculations, and manual overrides. Any company that is interested in a lean type of supply planning solution, to monitor inventory levels, set optimized reorder points, calculate reorder quantities, suggest planned releases, and calculate expected future inventory levels would benefit from this solution. The real time replenishment calculations include the following order policy choices.

  • (s, Q) – Reorder Point with Reorder Quantity (optimized, days of supply, or user defined)
  • (s, S) – Reorder Point with Order up to level (similar options to Reorder Quantity)
  • (MTO) – Make to order
  • (s, S, t) – Periodic ordering with fixed or variable quantity
  • User can configure other policies based on changing the configuration of policy components

The solution runs, and can be added as an option, on the same platform as Adexa Collaborative Demand Planner (CDP) and Inventory Planning solutions and therefore has the same supporting capabilities including:

  • Memory resident data base with real-time analytics and edit capability
    • Role based system for viewing and editing values in the system
    • Able to slice and filter data based on an unlimited number of attributes and hierarchies
    • Editing at any level of the hierarchy with all measures in the system instantaneously updated (expected ending inventory, inventory value, required order releases, etc)
  • Excel Real Time UI
    • Live connection to use Excel as a user interface
    • Ability to view and edit values in an Excel Pivot table
    • Ability to flexibly configure the Excel Sheet and add custom formulas
  • Open Connectivity to the Adexa and third-party Dashboard and Reporting applications
  • Workflow & Alerting functionality to enable management by exception for key functions
    • Monitoring of Inventory Levels and creation of suggested replenishment orders
    • Integration to and from ERP systems and other supply chain system
  • Machine Learning algorithms for policy and decision automation

The solution is best used when combined with Demand Planning (Define Demand) and Inventory Planning (Define Optimized Targets) and Supply Visibility (Current and Historical Monitoring) so that a company can have an easy to implement end to end supply chain solution. Some popular business uses of the solution include the following very important areas of supply chain management that can be implemented in a fraction of the time of more complicated supply planning solutions.

  • Simple Distribution Center Replenishment Planning or Materials Replenishment Planning
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Distributor Value Chain Inventory Management with Point of Sale (POS) and Revenue Recognition calculations
Replenishment Planner