Predict, Not Just Respond


Performance Management Datasheet

If a company can look into the future and predict supply chain key performance indicators (KPI’s) it will understand what needs to be changed in order to meet financial goals. Planning is the ability to look into the future and proactively change it. The plan provides the critical information required to generate the KPI’s of the future. Although not everything can be predicted, the right KPI’s allow problems to be identified early, so that new plans can be created to get back on track.

Beyond the Enterprise

A white paper on how Adexa solutions make suppliers and contract manufacturers more responsive, and accountable.

Industry Directions Solution Profile

Although the economic recovery is well underway, a pragmatic approach needs to be taken when analyzing supply chain solutions. Proof of implementation scenarios need to document the time they’ll take to achieve objectives, the return on investment period and their overall impact on manufacturing assets.

Intelligent Solutions

One way to define intelligence is the ability to predict the outcome of different circumstances and/or construct a scenario to get the desired outcome. If all the situations are pre-defined and outcomes are pre-established then this would require less or no intelligence.

Supply Chain Intelligent Machine

The word “intelligent” is used commonly to indicate how well a software package was designed to respond to different conditions. The more conditions it is programmed to handle, then the more, so is claimed, intelligent is the software package.

Supply Chain 2020

If the next 10 years bears even the same kind of growth and innovation that we have experienced in the past decade, then we are going to be witnessing an incredible era in transformation of supply chains and how the age of real-time connectivity will create virtually instant delivery of what we desire.

Evolution and Supply Chain Planning 2015

You don’t have to be an evolution scientist or even a believer to know that being big does not necessarily imply strength and endurance. I t does not even guarantee survival.

Self-improving supply chains

1st generation SCP systems were factory planning systems or APS, introduced in mid-80’s followed by supply chain planning as the next generation. More recently the 3rd generation introduced sales and operations in an integrated environment which was later improved to the 4th generation by adding financials into the equation forming the 4th generation of SCP systems.

From Predictive to Prescriptive Analytics and Beyond…

Predictive analytics looks at the patterns of the past and predicts the likelihood of an event in the future. In addition, pattern recognition can be used with the use of AI techniques and topology to find relationship between different variables and how one can cause the other.