Predict, Not Just Respond

Adexa GENIE© & Risk-Resilient Planning

Adexa GENIE© & Risk-Resilient Planning

An Adexa GENIE© is an independent process that functions as a Digital Expert working in a distributed environment with other Genies. They can communicate and pass information and data to each other as well as communicate with the outside world, machines and humans. They have sensors that can sense or receive relevant changes in their environment and they can act on information they receive in order to optimize certain objective such as cost reduction. Their performance improves over time because they have the ability to learn and constantly adapt to their environment. For example, an Inventory Genie keeps track of how much inventory is needed and when, depending on factors such as weather, events, holidays and sudden surges in demand. A Cost Genie is responsible to keep track of cost of operations and manufacturing; and how it changes over time and how the product mix is impacting the cost; and what the potential causes are such as rush orders by customers, use of air freight instead of ground and so on.

By observing past behavior of the supply chain, Genies can make predictions for the future and/or alert different people to tell them about an on-going problem that may not be as visible.


An example of the latter is that the utilization of certain key equipment may not be as assumed.  By monitoring that, they can raise this as a maintenance issue or age of the equipment so that corrective action is taken. Supplier behavior is also a factor in how fast a supply chain may respond. A simple discovery by Supplier Genie could uncover the fact that in winter the delivery performance of certain suppliers drops by 10% and delivery lead-times get longer by almost a week.

It should be noted that Adexa Genies© perform a lot more than monitoring KPIs. They are constantly trying to find causes of issues such as lateness and cost increases as the seasons change, product mix changes and market demand goes up and down. Furthermore, they are capable of recommending actions to be taken such as optimal safety stock, use of right policies for forecasting or focusing on customers which have been subjected to late deliveries lately.