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Network Optimization

Network Optimization

Adexa IBP offers network optimization as an integral part of its solutions to aggregate, synchronizes and optimize multi-site, multi enterprise procurement, production and distribution plans. It ensures financial targets are met on a local and enterprise scale. It dynamically identifies and corrects the inefficiencies in the operations plan to eliminate the symptoms of poor planning. It delivers a critical, intelligent link between financially driven Operations planning and Demand planning within the SAME system. That is an Intelligent Sales and Operation Planning. Optimization of the network allows the biggest gain in the supply chain by ensuring the best decisions are made for sourcing, making and delivering. Decisions made at this level have the highest impact on cost, profit and customer satisfaction. Adexa, because of its unified data model, is uniquely positioned to offer an environment where that is seamlessly integrated from top to bottom, from multi-enterprise network to even sequencing the equipment.

The Challenges You Face

Shareholders demand higher returns and, in today’s more accountable economic times, the only way to deliver them is by improving enterprise performance and profitability. The fast track to profitability is to make sure you satisfy your customers, use-up excess inventories before you phase-in new product lines, develop the lowest cost production plans that meet your forecasted demand, and make sure you meet your capital targets.

Benefits & Features

Adexa’s Collaborative Operations Planning solution ensures that all facets of enterprise operations are considered in developing the most profitable plans for the enterprise.

COP enables your company to drive the financial plan  into the operations plan, to maximize returns considering all costs and constraints of your supply chain.

With COP, you can improve on the revenue side by having the system prioritize demands and identify when additional capacity is required. COP will also select the least expensive methods of purchasing, producing, and distributing supplies and dynamically identify alternatives when constraints so dictate.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are tracked by the system, and alerts are issued if, due to disruptions or deviations, operation targets are expected to be missed. More importantly, it has the intelligence to guide you to get back on track.

COP Features

  • A cost based system that links the operations plan to the financial plan
  • An intelligent solver to help Supply Planners optimize plans, see the potential risks and examine alternatives
  • A single solution for demand planners, supply planners, customers, suppliers and financial planners
  • Visibility across all Buyers, suppliers and other downstream stakeholders with exception-based alerts and notifications
  • Secure access to the system from anywhere, or to electronically integrate plans in and out of the system for execution
  • Adexa’s COP solution is the most advanced and easiest to use system on the market today. It has intelligence!

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Adexa’s unified data model addresses the total order fulfillment and optimization including financial planning, sales and operational planning, demand planning, order configuration, network optimization, inventory planning, supply chain planning, factory level planning and shop level sequencing.

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A leading digital content storage provider desired to increase value within their Global Supply Chain Network by reducing the amount of late and short demand fulfillment while incurring the least cost possible.

Maintaining control and visibility over 80 to 90 percent of the production costs (i.e. material component) when the company outsources product manufacturing to third parties is not an easy task. A dilemma for every company that has products manufactured externally. Together with Siemens Procurement & Logistics Services (SPLS) consultants and Adexa, Inc., Siemens Information & Communication Mobile (ICM) has developed and successfully implemented an innovative electronic solution to conquer the dilemma.

After analyzing all the available technology options, HLL chose Adexa planning suite, concluding it was the only solution capable of facilitating live customer/supplier collaboration, and integrating demand and distribution planning with production scheduling. Furthermore, Adexa delivered centralized monitoring of the supply chain across the enterprise, and “what-if” analysis to ensure the impact of change, from any source, was visible to all stakeholders and new optimized plans and schedules could be rapidly developed.

Seagate uses Adexa network optimizer as well Supply chain planning engine for their worldwide operations. The network Optimizer helps to optimize inventory levels and distribution of goods for lower cost of operations and having the right product available at the right time.

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