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Strategic Business Services

Strategic Business Services

In order to reach supply chain excellence companies must look beyond a quick technology fix. With more than 20 years of experience in successfully planning for some of the most complex supply chains in the world through its planning technology, Adexa is in the best position to evaluate your supply chain.

Staffed with some of the most experienced Supply Chain experts in the industry, its mission statement is to make your supply chains the benchmark of your industry.

The main purpose of Adexa’s Strategic Business Services is to put our experience at your service, at any time. There is no prerequisite to own Adexa solutions, and there is no obligation to purchase Adexa’s planning technology, before or after engagements. There are different levels of engagement from three days express assessment to deeper two week studies. We also offer customized engagements for longer periods of time.


Below are a select group of clients which have benefited from Adexa’s Strategic Business Services:


Services include:

Supply Chain Diagnostic:

  • Interview key stakeholders in the supply chain planning process to identify areas for improvement.
  • Review current metrics to benchmark performance.
  • Review current system infrastructure to determine data and information availability to support the process.
  • Develop Supply Chain Diagnostic showing the following:
    • Areas of perceived weakness
    • Performance gaps to industry benchmarks
    • Recommendations to Fix Issues/Processes
  • Create Business Case to justify investment in process & system re-engineering efforts

Inventory Optimization:

  • Review key inventory metrics such as inventory turns, obsolescence & cash to cash cycle time to evaluate the effectiveness of your inventory performance.
  • Develop dashboard highlighting variation in forecasting, supply and order management.
  • Segment customer and product data to determine if build strategies & inventory targets are in alignment.
  • Take your data and simulate your current service level and compare to an optimized performance using Adexa’s proprietary Multi Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) solution.
  • Recommend inventory & postponement strategies designed to increase reliability & responsiveness to customers while minimizing inventory investment.
  • Work with client organization to implement inventory strategies driving reduced inventory obsolescence and improved inventory turns.

Supply Chain Network Design

  • Provides quantitative scientific analysis of your supply chain network to identify areas where real value can be created.
  • Uses the latest network design and optimization tools to simulate real world scenarios.
  • Adexa will help you Implement proven network design strategies to minimize cycle time and improve inventory positioning while improving customer service and reducing working capital requirements.

Supply Chain System Selections

  • Work with clients to document business process & system requirements.
  • Create Request for Proposal (RFP’s) and manage the system selection process for the client.

Demand Management

  • Evaluate and document forecasting, demand planning and order management processes.
  • Benchmark key performance metrics such as forecast accuracy, order fill rates, inventory turns and delivery performance.
  • Recommend business process and system changes required to deliver improved demand management performance.
  • Work with client organization to implement necessary changes to business process.

Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning:

  • Evaluate SI&OP process to identify weaknesses in supply chain performance as measured by:
    • Demand Forecast Accuracy
    • Perfect Order performance
    • Inventory Turns
    • SCM Costs
  • Asses the current status and develop improvement plan in order to release value from the supply chain.

How to get started

We can provide a free benchmark analysis for your company vs. the best-in-class in your industry within 48 hours.  Please note that we can provide this service only if you are a publicly traded company, otherwise some financial data will be required on your part.  To learn how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, increase efficiencies, achieve higher profitability and improve your customer service levels visit Adexa Value Assessment and request a value assessment today.