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Express Benchmark Analysis

Express Benchmark Analysis

Here at Adexa, we are fully dedicated to our customers’ success—one supply chain at a time. To that end, we are offering a benchmark analysis for your company vs. the best-in-class in your industry, within 48 hours. This comes at no cost and effort on your part, if your company meets the requirements.

See how your company’s critical stats compare to the competition in the following areas:

Express Benchmark Analysis
  • Revenue Growth
  • Days Sales Outstanding
  • Cost Of Goods Sold
  • Days In Inventory
  • Sales General Administration expense
  • Days Payables Outstanding
  • Fixed Assets
Company Metrics for Benchmarking

Contrast your performance with best-in-class players. Identify and quantify cash improvement opportunities.

Based on our customer results, get an idea of how Adexa solutions would add value to your company and improve your bottom line cash flow.

Requirements to participate

  • New customers only
  • Publicly traded company or provide limited financial data
  • Revenue over $300 million
  • A manufacturing company in:
    • Semiconductors
    • Electronics
    • Heavy industries (Steel, Auto, AD, Durables, etc.)
    • Textiles Apparel
    • Chemicals

How to get started

The process is easy. Just register and we will report the results for you by email in less than 2 days, with no further obligations.

To learn how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, increase efficiencies, achieve higher profitability and improve your customer service levels contact Adexa today.