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Adexa Value Assessment

Adexa Value Assessment

Technology for technology’s sake means nothing; it is only beneficial when it is tied directly to benefits and hard dollars that the cost of technology can be justified. At Adexa, we realize that there are many programs competing for your capital budget, therefore Adexa solution specialists take the time to thoroughly research and analyze your business and challenges to make sure that Adexa will deliver maximum hard dollar impact. We quantify and justify the ROI before our solutions are delivered in order to set expectations regarding the value that will be derived both operationally and financially.

Financial drivers that influence EPS and Gross Margins are focal points of our value analysis. Before we start, our team will look at your financials and compare them to our customers in your industry to provide an analysis of the impact Adexa solutions might have on your business. We will also benchmark your results against the best-in-class competitors within your industry. If our initial findings indicate a substantial amount of value can be achieved, then we will recommend a short but more complete Value Assessment process with our experts.

The main purpose of the Value Assessment is to prove where in the value range of benefits your organization may fall; conservative, moderate or aggressive. We, therefore look at operational drivers from key areas such as manufacturing, sales, operations, suppliers and even key customers. Again, this information will be benchmarked against the actual results Adexa’s customers have experienced. We will then recommend a tailor-made solution to meet your business improvement requirements.

The result of this Value Assessment analysis is a thoroughly researched and outlined project map that is tied to actual value delivered and can be easily understood and justified by both medium and high level stakeholders within your organization. You will walk away with a roadmap that outlines where you need to go and how you will get there.

Below are improvements in the previously mentioned KPI’s that Adexa customers have realized:

The Adexa Value Assessment process delivers the following to your organization

  • Business Process Review and Solution Mapping – Describes and measures current operations summarizing pain points and target short falls. Identifies Adexa solutions that address relevant operational issues and challenges
  • Business Benchmarking – Provides a high-level view of competitive strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Identifies and quantifies the opportunities lost by not operating at the benchmark level in various areas such as revenue growth, Cost of Goods Sold, collection days, days of inventory being carried and fixed asset utilization
  • Transformation plan — Provides a road map for taking advantage of opportunities, addressing problems, and facilitating business goals which includes an solution implementation plan and cost estimates
  • ROI analysis — Predicts return on technology investment, including impact on EPS, GM, and Revenue

Value Assessment Engagement Agenda

Duration: Minimum of 3 days – Maximum of 2 Weeks

  • Pre-VA meeting to set expectations: Establish business objectives with executive sponsor
  • Value Research (On-site)
    • Scope Definition
    • Value Discovery
    • Review existing Business Processes – Interview Executive sponsor, Functional leaders for Finance, Data analyst(s), Sales, Manufacturing / Operations, Supply Chain, IT, Planners, and other Users
    • Value Alignment
  • Value Documentation (Off-site)
    • Business Process Review and Solution Mapping
    • Business Benchmarking
    • Transformation plan
    • ROI analysis
  • Executive Value Assessment Presentation / final report of findings (On-site 2 – 3hrs)

How to get started

We can provide a free benchmark analysis for your company vs. the best-in-class in your industry within 48 hours. Please note that we can provide this service only if you are a publicly traded company, otherwise some financial data will be required on your part. To learn how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, increase efficiencies, achieve higher profitability and improve your customer service levels contact Adexa today.