Predict, Not Just Respond

Predict Supply Chain Delays and Cost Overruns BEFORE they Happen!


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to predict which orders for which customers are likely to be late even before they place the order and what might be the cause of it ?

Or if you could know which of your customer are expected to place orders, in future, that might cost more because of their special requests or rush orders?

Perhaps you know that certain items go a lot faster in months of November and December before the holidays.  But there are so many other hidden patterns that you may not be aware of! For example, certain customers always experience delays for certain products during certain months of the year. The reason could be the weather, it could be a surge in demand during these periods, or it could be a cultural holiday in that region of the world. Similarly, your suppliers could be behaving inconsistently during certain periods for some of the parts they deliver.

Demand Planning Shows You the Problem; Supply Planning Gives You the Solution!

With the use of machine learning (ML) techniques and advanced modeling of the supply chain, we can not only predict such events. We even can proactively eliminate undesired delays and cost overruns in the future, that might otherwise go unnoticed.

By recognizing these patterns and when they are expected to occur, you can immediately and proactively address the issues using either common sense or prescriptive techniques such as MEIO or enhanced search strategies.

For more information on how AI and Machine Learning applications can help you with your supply chain planning go to Adexa Innovations.



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