Predict, Not Just Respond

Let Adexa Genie Plan Your Supply Chain

Digital Experts

I am, Genie, Adexa Intelligent Agent. I can autonomously perform dedicated functions in the supply chain and beyond. We are kind of like white collar robots. Each one of us is trained to perform certain tasks such as inventory monitoring, inventory planning and optimization, checking on suppliers or changes in customer behavior, checking on weather patterns where deliveries are to be made, monitoring the web traffic to see what products are popular, making sure that the equipment are being utilized at their optimal level, checking on factors that impact cost of operation and manufacturing etc. We can monitor everything that is going on in the supply chain and tell you things that are going wrong.

It is not too hard to do this since we have nothing better to do. We are very intelligent because we have the ability to learn from our experiences, just like you, and get better over time. I can communicate with my fellow digital experts. For example, if a supplier is expected to be late then I, a Supplier Agent, would alert my buddy, the Planning Agent. The Planning Agent will then decide if re-planning is needed. I can also alert people when needed to seek their advice so I become more intelligent. Don’t worry I will not tell your boss if you make a mistake. You can blame me for everything! We are all part of GENIE Agency! GENIE Agency is the infrastructure for all of us to do our job. Unfortunately the Agency does not pay me or any other pals of mine for all the great work that we do and all the millions of dollars that we save companies. But as long as you appreciate what we do, that is all we need. If you would like to see me in action please contact the head of my Agency by clicking Here. Also, don’t forget to visit the place where I was born at Thank you and see you soon.



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