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Scalable and Fast

Scalable and Fast Optimization Technology

One of the major strengths of Adexa applications is their ability to model very large and complex supply chains and generate plans in almost real-time. As a comparison to one of the leading supply chain vendors, Adexa supply chain planner generated a more comprehensive plan in a fraction of the time produced by a leading competitor (2.5 hours Vs. 23 Hours). There are a number of reasons for this speed. Firstly, the initial applications of Adexa software were for very large and complex supply chains with millions of variables. Because of that the system was designed to perform in a scalable and fast manner. Both the representation of data as well as the nature of heuristics used play a very important role as to how the system speed is affected.

For example, Adexa represents routings in a hierarchical manner. As such, if a certain route is not a feasible plan it backtracks to a small segment of the route rather than start all over again with another alternate route. Same strategy is used in searching for parts. The Bill of Material is defined dynamically depending on the options selected. This saves Memory as well as makes the search time a lot faster.

Adexa proprietary heuristic algorithms are used to define guidelines for the optimization engine and vice versa. This is a unique search strategy that yields orders of magnitude gain in speed of the search algorithms. As an example, when one uses “constraint-based” search strategy, the heuristic constantly eliminates non-feasible domains. Hence no time is wasted to search in domains where no solution is feasible. Thus the search converges very quickly to an optimal answer.

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Stock markets are probably the most efficient example of how our economy works and adapts itself in “real-time.” The pricing is real-time, the decisions are super-fast, volumes are high, the risks are huge and the returns can be enormous! Does this sound like your supply chain?

Our founders were amongst the first to develop and patent optimization techniques for complex planning and scheduling problems as they relate to manufacturing companies and beyond. Hence, First in Optimization is our heritage.

Adexa’s unified data model addresses the total order fulfillment and optimization including financial planning, sales and operational planning, demand planning, order configuration, network optimization, inventory planning, supply chain planning, factory level planning and shop level sequencing.