Predict, Not Just Respond

Latest in R&D

Latest in R&D Innovations

Identify the Weak Links in your Supply Chain

Check out the latest feature of risk management window to identify where your supply chain risks are. Using Adexa’s Supply Chain Planning module or Plant Planner module, you can now see where the weak links are in your supply chain as far as capacity as well as material is concerned. Examples are bottleneck resources that are expected to delay certain orders, suppliers who are at high risk to deliver, materials that will cause delays. Contact your Adexa account representative or send an email to info@adexa.comfor additional information.

Using Adexa on the Run

Did you know that you can run your supply chain while on the road? Get relevant messages by exception, authorize or make changes in the plan, check out your KPIs of interest, and control your S&OP process all with the convenience of using your own digital personal info@adexa.comfor additional information.

Predictive Analytics

The latest version of Adexa software contains over 1000 KPI’s that can provide insight into almost every aspect of your operations from finance to operations to demand and supply issues. The exceptional feature of Adexa Predictive Analytics is that not only it looks at past data but more importantly it uses the supply chain model to examine expected future data. Thus it can warn the users in advance with the expected supply chain issues and prevent potential undesired events.


For the past 30 months Adexa R&D has been busy with many innovative initiatives. As you might expect one exciting area has been Machine Learning (ML) and the use of Artificial Intelligence in order to create Self-Improving Supply Chains©. There are a number of ways that ML can be used both on the supply side as well as demand side.

Using Microsoft Excel as Your Adexa User Interface

Microsoft claims there are over a billion people using Office. Excel is a key part of Office for those billion people. It is especially key for planners. We get it. In fact, import and export to Excel has always been a big part of our user interfaces. But let’s move beyond that. What if you could use Excel exclusively as your user interface?

Digitization of Supply Chain: Next Stage

Adexa’s use of AI algorithms results in optimal answers much faster than the conventional search algorithms. Adexa deploys in-memory search algorithms such as Gradient Descent and Constraint Propagation to arrive at a decision in fraction of the time needed by its competitors.

Using Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel with Your Adexa Application

A pivot table is a very useful tool in Excel that has been around for years. It gets its name from the fact that it gives you the power to pivot or turn data in different ways to get different and perhaps more enlightening perspectives on it.