Predict, Not Just Respond

Soft Goods

Soft Goods

Soft goods, including textile and apparel, industries have unique challenges in terms of number of SKUs, the uniqueness of each BOM, the right quantities of style color and size, lot integrity for color and quality consistency, and lower margins in a very competitive and fast moving world of fashion and furniture markets. The challenges are not just in the supply chain and sales and operation planning but also in production and manufacturing of goods where resources need to be well coordinated to reduce work in progress and increase efficiencies. This involves configuration of resources to match capacity with demand, reduction of set-up times and coordination of batches at dye tanks.

Adexa offers a proven and well-integrated solution that addresses all the challenges in the industry from demand planning, supply planning and inventory planning all the way down to factory planning and even machine sequencing, all in a unified data model. Predictive analytics and performance management solutions are also part of the overall solution to proactively show what measures should be taken in order to provide best delivery performance at the lowest cost of operations and inventory. Some of the world’s best and biggest textile and apparel companies in the world have been benefiting from our solutions. We invite you to talk to them to see how Adexa can benefit your operations.


Optimize Resource Investments — Compare your financial KPIs and tie them into operational KPIs to ensure your organization responds to opportunities and threats in a timely manner.
Stabilize Demand Planning — Integrate demand data from multiple sources including OEMs, subcontractors, and distributors into reliable consensus forecasts in real-time.
Reduce Inventory Exposure — Extend visibility across the supply chain to optimize the use of die bank inventory and increase flexibility in response to short-term demand fluctuations.
Build the “Virtual Factory” — Fabless manufacturers can optimize capacity and lead times by generating a virtual factory to model and manage global resources as a single integrated supply chain.
Synchronize Multi-Site Production — Establish a common language for capturing data and feeding decisions back to varied legacy systems and shop floor applications.
Enable Collaboration — Deliver better information faster so trading partners can react quicker to changes in the supply chain, helping to reduce inventories and increase customer responsiveness.
Measure, Monitor, Notify, and Adjust — Use hundreds of pre-built, audit-ready/approved KPIs across all departments and roles to stay continuously informed about all aspects of production.

Benefits from Adexa

Softgoods Case Studies

As The Apparel Company continues to rollout with Adexa and upgrade its planning capabilities across its vast supply chain, we attribute most of our success to the mutual teamwork between the people of both companies; and The Apparel Company’ relentless drive for excellence and innovation reflected in every aspect of their operations.

Twice a year (in January and July) big sale events in the apparel world promise a field day for bargain-hunting consumers. Using Adexa’s eGPS suite, the company successfully implemented a new supply chain solution to shorten production time, improve enterprise-wide coordination and synchronization, and help the clothing manufacturers who were its customers reduce losses.

Gulistan Carpet has been one of America’s leading carpet producers for nearly a century, having survived the Roaring ’20s.

Learn how a global manufacturer of fabrics and apparel is using Adexa’s Predictive Analytics to gain insight into their future potential and risk