Predict, Not Just Respond



Extreme margin pressure makes it extremely difficult to succeed in aerospace manufacturing. Government agencies and commercial customers alike offer fewer projects to tender and tighter budgets to fund them. Supply chain management is a multi-level challenge. OEMs, prime contractors, and component vendors all need to take stronger steps to manage program logistics, costs, and information flows within complex supply chains.

With Adexa, aerospace manufacturers can make it happen through:

Optimize Resource Investments — Compare financial KPIs and tie them into operational KPIs to ensure a response to opportunities and threats in a timely manner.
Maximize Project Value — Improve the accuracy for program quotes and lifecycle support for tighter control of margins and profits.
Synchronize Planning — Establish a common language for capturing data and feeding decisions back to enterprise and shop floor systems across multiple tiers and vendors.
Reduce Lifecycle Costs — Extend visibility into design and demand planning to cut costs from development, manufacturing, logistics, and MRO stocks.
Enable Collaboration — Deliver better information faster so trading partners can respond to changes and operate proactively to help you reach your goals.
Strengthen Customer Relations — Increase responsiveness to customer requests and enable closer integration of after-sale support with customer systems.
Measure, Monitor, Notify, and Adjust — Use hundreds of pre-built, audit-ready/approved KPIs across all departments and roles to stay continuously informed about all aspects of production.

Benefits from Adexa

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Although the economic recovery is well underway, a pragmatic approach needs to be taken when analyzing supply chain solutions. Proof of implementation scenarios need to document the time they’ll take to achieve objectives, the return on investment period and their overall impact on manufacturing assets.

Aero Case Studies

As one of the largest suppliers of Boeing in Taiwan, AIDC has a complex operation in building parts and composites. Adexa has been their choice for planning their production for almost a decade keeping production and delivery on-time.